Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Buying Guide


Pick the right contractor to do the job

Experience in a hotel and industrial applications is a must. Several trades are involved in a hotel remodeling project, plumbing, electrical, drywall, mechanical systems, tile walls, and floors after these is where bathtub refinishing comes in and before wallpaper, painting, and carpeting, coordinating and scheduling is very important and the bathtub refinishing contractor must be experienced to handle this fast-moving schedule.

Manpower and equipment are also a concern; they must be able to provide enough personnel to work in 10 or 20 rooms per floor, most hotel bathrooms have no windows so the right venting is very important and be provided.

Select the right bathtub refinishing coating

Bathtub refinishing in commercial locations is a much different job than residential installations. First, there are the venting issues, if the coating is to last any longer than a year, you’d better make sure you are getting a high-quality professional acrylic urethane enamel coating. There are versions that claim to have very little smell and dry within hours, (wander products) but the reality is a good coating will have reduced VOC’s but they all smell and venting are a must regardless of what people may tell you.

The right bathtub refinishing process

I have been refinishing bathtubs for over 25 years, I have tried most of the products available and never been convinced enough about bathtub refinishing systems that do not use an acid etching process, lack a primer system to ensure bonding and rely solely on low quality, fast dry coating.

I support the tried and true method of thorough cleaning, caulking removal, acid etching, and epoxy primer system, followed by the best quality aliphatic acrylic urethane. It is really the only way to guarantee consistent good results.

Added value services

The right bathtub refinishing job is not complete without these essential services:

  • Clean-up after completion: Tape and paper removal should not be left for housekeeping or engineering to be removed, it should be removed by the refinisher after completion.
  • Non-slip finish should be included in the scope of work as a safety measure, not as an option.
  • A professional silicone caulking line around the tubs or showers is a must for a professional installation.
    Work with people you can trust

It’s always one of the most important things to consider, today in these economic times contractors come and go, a lot of people can sell you promises they cannot keep and put your reputation at risk.